Sunday, 22 September 2013

50 facts about me

So my friend Bess has asked me to do the 50 facts about me tag. im sure it wont be that interesting but i cant wait to see what you write.

1. My birthday is the 16th of July 1997

2. I'm from London 

3. i love music, all types, literally anything 

4. I have a fear about last words so i always and tell people how much i love them before they leave as life is short and you never know when something bad could happen

5. I have an obsession with gigs, ive already seen Lana Del Rey and Swim Deep this year i also have another few gigs lined up over the next few months! yey!

6. I have been dancing since i was 3 years old and have studied musical theater, and for the majority of my life, Tap dance, i am currently at intermediate level

7. i recently donated 10 inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust and incredible charity that makes wigs for children. 

8. My nickname is Peaches, as far as i remember its because my skin is "soft as a peach"

9. I am a young leader at Guides, i started at brownies aged 7 and progressed to guides aged 10 and i just cant leave.

10. My subjects for As are Government and politics, history, biology and art textiles. 

11. compared to this time last year im a million times happier, so don't worry because it actually does get better! i still have the odd rough day or night but its amazing how supportive people can be when you let them in. 

12. I also have an obsession with books, i collect them from charity shops, family, friends, shops and currently have a massive pile waiting for me to read. My school work load is very heavy at the moment but i cant wait to start them. If you would like to do a book swap or something let me know!

13. I cant go a day without giving somebody a hug. 

14. I am very emotional. It hurts me to see anybody in pain (mental or physical) and i have to do something to help.

15. I am forever alone. Single pringle. Whatever you want to call it i've never had a boyfriend. 

16. i am on only child. But i have a half brother who lives in america, i've only met him twice in my life and i wish i knew him better. 

17. You much check out my friend Lizzie's blog as she is a cutiebabooty and is bloody amazing!

18. I love traveling and flying. America, Spain, Ibiza, France and Italy have been my favorite so far

19. My dads name is Bob according to most people who know, this its amazing?

20. i pretty sure there are not 50 interesting facts about me.

21. i used to have swimming lessons but once i had my gold and had swam a mile I left.

22. my favorite foods are heinz cream of tomato soup. i couldn't live without it. (and chocolate)

23. I have recently discovered the amazing power of coffee and i cant get enough.

24. Even the smell of salt and vinigar crisps make me feel sick as years ago i had one and threw up and cried.

25. I am 5ft 8 one of the tallest in my year.

26. I am a member of a tennis club and love tennis. i cant wait to go to Wimbledon hopefully next year.

27. I'm in love with Leonardo DIcaprio 

28. i am also in love with the great gatsby, i read it in one day and it was increadible 

29. im very consious of my weight and i hate my body. (im not one of those people who says this and then eats for the rest of the day, im working on my body through exercise and weight watchers amazing points system.)

30. As you can tell ^ I  believe that if you want something to happen you have to get up and make it happen. 

31. I love shopping, river isaland, top shop, primark, camden town, charity shops. im not fussed and i believe in people having their own style and think its amazing that people can express themselfs through cloaths. 

32. over the summer a friend taught me a few songs on the guitar and i cant wait to continue learing.

33. after watching school of rock for the first time i wanted to start a band but my mother crushed my dreams by telling me i was too young. 

34. i had recorder lesons until year 6.

35.  My childhood toy is a bunnyrabbit called silky bunny

36. I have all kinds of excama, asthma and allergies ATM 

37. I have started collecting viynals, and I love them all

38. I am called different things by different people. Bella, Isabella, Izzie, Iz, Phillips, phillipa and Mary. But never EVER Isabel. I hate it. 

39. My nannie and grandad were married during world war 2, in a church with no roof on Christmas Day. It's the cutest story ever.

40. I used to be obsessed with Mika, and on a family holiday to Spain we went to a restaurant owned my Mika's aunty and uncle. They asked me if I knew who Mika was and they told me about the inspiration for his songs and it was incredible.

41. I listen to radio 1 religiously 

42. Eyeliner over eyeshadow. Every time 

43. I cry a lot. When I'm happy. When I'm sad. When I'm tired. When I'm confused. When I'm watching films. Everything. 

44. This year I updated my mobile from a tiny Samsung brick to an iPhone 4S 

45. I really like tatto sleeves on guys 

46. I can't wait to drive. I love the freedom.

47. I love films. Especially the breakfast club, pretty in pink, any Disney movie. 

48. I love it when people recommend films to me (especially Bess and Antoinette)

49. I take public transport nearly everyday. I hate noisy buses but love it when I have my headphones in!

50. I'm trying not to be judgmental, because i hate it when people judge me.

Thank you so much for bothering to read this, you're a babe <3 


  1. really enjoyed reading this even though you read it to me on the bus :') was worth the wait :D

    1. aww thanks hun xx I'm sorry i took so long! i have a few ideas in drafts ready to be completed and they will be up soon x